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NetherCraft Cosmetics Information
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7 months ago

How to obtain cosmetics?

NetherCraft Cosmetics can be obtained from any of Loot Crates in our Lobby/Hub. Crate Keys are primarily earned through Voting Rewards and In-Game Play Time.

A list of all of our sites to vote on can be obtained here. A vote crate key will be rewarded for every First Daily Vote and an additional Crate Key will be rewarded for voting on all listed sites each day.

Vote Points will also be accumulated and can be used in Voting Shops on Lobby/Hub for additional Crate Keys and other rewards. In the future, voting points can also be used in Vote Shops on Faction, SkyBlock and Creative Server(s).

Crate Keys can also be purchased here at our Store. However, keep in mind these Crate Keys will only apply to Mystery Crates on Lobby Servers for cosmetic rewards only.

What kind of cosmetics can I receive from Mystery Crate(s)?

The following content can be found in Mystery Crates:

  • Gadgets, like the PaintballGun or the Trampoline!
  • Hats: Ever wanted a hamburger for your hat? Now you can!
  • Pets, such as a Dog, Cat or Iron-Golem and much more!!
  • Particle Effect
  • Suits
  • Mounts


Need more help or still have questions?

Contact us here or Join our Discord and open a ticket

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