Welcome to the official NetherCraft guide for how to start out on Creative Server.

This guide explains the basic commands, how to navigate the Creative Spawn and claim your own plots to begin whatever build project you wish freely in your own land claims.

➮ Introduction

When you join the Creative Server you will find yourself in our Creative Realm Spawn area. This area was donated by a community member and is still under Active Construction. In the coming weeks you will see new Information Signs and NPCs that will introduce you and guide you through out the Creative Realm.

To simply get started, run straight down the path from spawn and jump into the portal to be teleported to the Creative Plots Realm. You will need to run or fly and find an unclaimed plot to claim for yourself and call "home"! 

You can also use /plot claim when you are in the Creative Spawn to automatically claim and teleport to a random plot.


Merging Plots:

If you claimed multiple plots and want to merge into a single larger plots, simply stand on the inside of one of the 2 plots where the borders meet. Look at your other plot across the road and use /plot merge to combine your plots.


  • /gmc
  • /plot claim
  • /plot merge
  • /plot trust <player />
  • /plot home
  • /spawn

Now that you know the basics of the Creative Server, have fun building!