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📢 Dungeons: Darkest Night Update 📢
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Dungeons Darkest Night Update

23 December 2022
Following up the introduction of instancing is a difficult challenge, but we at the FreedomCraft Network team decided to fulfill this by giving the players a revamped challenge for themselves! The Blood Moon has been a part of the Dungeons survival server for some time, but we have elected to write our own plugin to better represent the idea of the Bloodmoon and add content that better synergizes with the rest of the game mode! It will serve as a foundation for many future systems and events, so stay tuned for future updates on the Blood Moon!

➮ Introduction

A Blood Moon will begin every 8 in game days. They last for the entire night time duration, and players will be targeted by waves and waves of monsters. As opposed to the old Blood Moon, waves will not target one player at a time. Instead, players will be personally focused by randomized groupings of custom designed monsters of varying skills and strengths.

To know when the darkest night is coming, it is still possible to check the Bloodmoon tab within /menu. Additionally, if you are on an instance, the Blood Moon countdown will be updated each day and each night leading up to the actual event.

What to do:

Blood Moons are going to be challenging nocturnal events that are not to be taken lightly. Survival is unlikely, but if you are prepared you might just stand a chance to reap the rewards! Blood Moons will drop more Elite Coins than baseline dungeons, as there are more waves of weaker swarming creatures to provide that reward. Loot drops will also be easier to obtain, and with time more and more custom drops will be added to the Blood Moons.

If you feel as though you are unprepared for the event, or simply wish to not deal with it, we recommend that you jump on a dungeon instance around your level. You can still gain 2x McMMO experience for the duration even though you are not partaking in the event itself.

If you are a player who already has a Blood Moon farm utilizing spawners, these should still continue to work. The platform for catching hordes should no longer be necessary for future farms, but it may serve some purpose in protecting you or in catching straggler mobs.

DON'T FORGET: Mobs will spawn in accordance with your Threat Level, and ALL mobs during the Blood Moon are Elite!

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