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New Dawn Update

04 June 2022
After many months of dedicated work, we are proud to present the FreedomCraft New Dawn update! In this change log, you will find a list of features that overhauls gameplay and adds content as never seen before on the Network, or even any other server! I hope to see many of you on over the next few days to check out what we've made. You won't be disappointed!

- Introduced custom coded RPG stats plugin to replace Elite Mobs item generation
- Introduced random custom sprites for procedurally generated items
- Introduced 4 new Accessory Slots
- Mobs now have stats scaling similarly to the player

- Introduction of the Primis Adventure
- Introduction of Ender Isles Dungeon
- Introduction of The Mineshaft Dungeon
- Introduction of the Chillfrost Caverns Dungeon
- Introduction of the Spirit Nexus Dungeon
- Introduction of the Fetid Garden Dungeon
- Introduction of the Invasion Dungeon

- Added new rare global bosses and events
- Implemented new custom stats on items
- Rebalanced multiple dungeons
- Added numerous new abilities and powers to bosses
- Implemented new skins for bosses, LibDisguises is returned!

- Created a new Lobby to better showcase the server's features.
- Implemented new /menu command and page
- Created a visual and extensive tutorial available in /menu or by NPC at spawn
- New Shop and Tab Designs
- Purchasable execution of commands for bloodmoon start, stop, and certain EM events
- Addition and rebalancing of certain economy features

📢 Dungeons: New Dawn Update 📢 4 months ago
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