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Wiki / Docs Published

07 January 2023 
We are proud to present the FreedomCraft Wiki! 

New to our server? Or simply need a refresher on gameplay, commands or in-game systems/mechanics? Check out the wiki at the link below.



📢 News: Wiki Release 📢 9 months ago

Dungeons Instancing Update

27 November 2022
After many months of dedicated work, we are proud to present FreedomCraft Dungeons Instances! In this change log, you will find a list of features that overhauls gameplay and adds additional playability to our abundance of existing content! I hope to see many of you on over the next few days to check out what we've made. You won't be disappointed!

- Introduced Dungeon Category menus
- Introduced Dungeon Instancing Pools
- Introduced Player Cooldowns

➮ Introduction

When you join the DungeonRPG Server for the first time you will find yourself in the Commoner Hall at spawn. This region will serve as the hub for all your RPG needs and can always returned to with /spawn.


To simply get started running dungeons, use the command /dungeons

You can also use /warps or /teleports in place of /dungeons.


What to do:

If you are a novice/beginner Dungeons player, we recommend starting with the "Tutorial" NPC at spawn in the Commoner Hall. 


Once you've established a base with resources and some farms to keep yourself fed, begin conquering our wide range of Dungeons to Level Up, Unlock Rewards and progress your way to the top of the leaderboards.

If you are veteran/returning Dungeons player, simply use the new /dungeons menu to queue up and join your instance. When you are ready to return to the main world or queue up another Dungeon Instance, simply use /quit to return to the main Dungeons Survival World.

DON'T FORGET: If you are playing with friends read below about the new Parties & Friends System so players are queued with you automatically.


Parties & Friends: /party | /friend

The new Friends Systems allows players to add friends, message them and see information about their friends such as which friends are online, what server they are connected to and much more. The Party System on the other hand allows players and friends to invite each other into Parties. Players who are in the same party as each other can chat together privately and are automatically joined to the same games/servers.


Start Instances:

  • /dungeons
  • /instances
  • /teleports
  • /warps

Bring People to Instances:

  • /party invite [name]
  • /friend add [name]
  • /friend jumpto [name] (Brings you to the instance where the friend you are jumping to is at)

Leave an Instance:

  • /leave
  • /quit
  • /exit

📢 Dungeons: Instancing Update 📢 10 months ago

SkyBlock Guide

Welcome to the official FreedomCraft guide for how to start out on SkyBlock.

This guide explains the basic commands, how to navigate the SkyBlock Spawn and start your island.

➮ Introduction

When you join the SkyBlock Server you will find yourself in surrounded by NPC's and different areas. This region will server as the hub for all your skyblock needs and can always returned to with /spawn.

To simply get started, use the command /island create

You can also use /is in place of /island.


What to do:

If you are a novice/beginner SkyBlock player, we recommend starting with the "Objectives/Tutorial" Island, when creating your island. For the veteran SkyBlock players, simply create any island and make your first cobble generator. 

Once you've established your island with a resource generator and some farms to keep yourself fed, begin conquering the range of Island Missions to Level Up, Unlock Rewards and progress your way to the top of the leaderboards.


Player Levels: /level

Players can level up and progress by completing the required Island Missions. Once you have completed the required mission, you can head over to the Player Level NPC in spawn or open the Menu using /level to progress and level up. Level Rewards contain rare items such as Mob Coin Containers, Minion Containers and Kit Vouchers. As of launch there are only 25 Player Levels and limited group of missions to progress through and complete. Complete them all now to gain your rewards and prepare for the exciting new content coming...


Player Ranks: /ranks

Player Ranks are very different from Player Levels, Ranks gives players access to unique features such as changing their Name & Chat Color as well as helpful commands like: /craft, /trash, /tptoggle and much much more. Ranks also provide perks such as Increased Item Limit in the Auction House and Increased Chest Shop Limits. Complete missions and Level Up to receive a chance at earning Rank Vouches


Resource World: /warps

The Resource World is accessible once you have reached Player Level 5. To access this world, simply open the /warps menu and select the Resource World. This world has endless generating resources, but beware... they are all protected FreedomCraft Mob Bosses. Gear up, grab some friends and head to our Resource World to discover unlimited riches.


  • /island panel
  • /island missions
  • /island upgrades
  • /island settings
  • /help
  • /warps
  • /level
  • /ranks
  • /kits

  • /shop
  • /auctions
  • /enchanter
  • /playervault
  • /minions

Now that you know the basics of the SkyBlock Server, have fun building!

[Guide] SkyBlock Introduction about 1 year ago

Creative Guide

Welcome to the official NetherCraft guide for how to start out on Creative Server.

This guide explains the basic commands, how to navigate the Creative Spawn and claim your own plots to begin whatever build project you wish freely in your own land claims.

➮ Introduction

When you join the Creative Server you will find yourself in our Creative Realm Spawn area. This area was donated by a community member and is still under Active Construction. In the coming weeks you will see new Information Signs and NPCs that will introduce you and guide you through out the Creative Realm.

To simply get started, run straight down the path from spawn and jump into the portal to be teleported to the Creative Plots Realm. You will need to run or fly and find an unclaimed plot to claim for yourself and call "home"! 

You can also use /plot claim when you are in the Creative Spawn to automatically claim and teleport to a random plot.


Merging Plots:

If you claimed multiple plots and want to merge into a single larger plots, simply stand on the inside of one of the 2 plots where the borders meet. Look at your other plot across the road and use /plot merge to combine your plots.


  • /gmc
  • /plot claim
  • /plot merge
  • /plot trust <player />
  • /plot home
  • /spawn

Now that you know the basics of the Creative Server, have fun building!

[Guide] Creative Server about 1 year ago

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📢 Website Updates 📢 about 1 year ago